What do I do now that my pool is closed?

Now that your pool is closed for the winter here is a list of do's and don’ts that will help make spring opening quick and easy.

Do pump excessive water off the winter cover. Excessive water on the cover can cause damage to the cover or can cause the cover to fall into the pool.

Don't pump off all the water. Leave 1-3 inches of water on the cover to protect the cover from wind damage.

Do check the pool water level. Excessive rain can affect the pool level. Draining water from the cover can also drain water from the pool.

Don't leave leaves on the cover. Use a deep leaf net to remove leaves from the cover.

Don't move sheets of ice. Shifting ice can damage your pool liner. If the pool is properly winterized it will not be damaged from frozen water in the pool.

Do check pool chemicals early spring. Maintaining proper chlorine and algaecide levels will help keep your water crystal clear especially in warmer climates.

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