Automatic Pool Cover FAQ

Q: Can I walk on my automatic pool cover?

A: You can walk on the cover, but we recommend only doing so in an emergency.

Q: Is the cover too big?

A: New automatic pool covers can appear to be wrinkled or over-sized, this is completely normal and the wrinkles may smooth out over time.

Q: If I drain my pool or if the water level gets low, should I close the cover?

A: Never cover your pool if drained, or any time the water level is 6 inches below the skimmer. Doing so can cause damage to the system. It is best to keep your pool filled to a level where the water supports your cover.

Q: The cover is opening/closing crooked, what should I do?

A: While it's normal for a cover to open or close up to two inches off it's normal position, appearing slightly crooked as it moves, more severe misalignment should be addressed by a trained technician.

Q: Should I leave the cover pump on the cover at all times?

A: The cover pump should be left on whenever the cover is closed, the only exception being during severe winter conditions when it is too cold for ice to melt.

Q: I hear a "popping noise" when I open and close the cover, is this normal?

A: Sometimes the ropes make a popping noise when rolling onto the rope reels, this is normal and isn't an indication of trouble.

Q: The cover does not open or close when I activate the controller. What should I check?

A: Check your electrical service. If the motor is not turning and the cover is not moving, you may need to reset your GFCI outlet. Turn the breaker off, then turn it back on. If the cover is still not operating, you will need to call your installation company for service.

Q: Water appears on my cover when it has not rained in days. What's wrong?

A: Your cover may have a hole over the water and needs to be patched. Call your installation company, they can send you a patch kit or make the repair for you.

Q: The cover stops half way opened or closed. What should I do?

A: If your cover stops midway, the tracks might have dirt or debris inside and you should clean them out with a firm stream of water from your hose. Another possibility is that the ropes have become tangled around the rope reel in the housing. Lift the lid to check the reels and see if they appear tangled. If they are, you must first turn off the power to the system. Then, you can attempt to untangle them yourself or call for service.

Q: The key-switch indicator light is blinking red. Is this normal?

A: A blinking red light indicates the the cover has stopped under stress. If there is water on top of your cover it should be pumped off, also check to see if there are any objects that are blocking the cover. Another possibility is that the cover is running too crooked and needs an adjustment.

Q: What should I do when my cover is completely open and will not close?

A: It may be that the cover has opened too far and has come out of the track and you need to call for service. You can also check the green indicator light on your controller, if the light is not on then you will need to check your electrical service to see if it has power.

Q: My cover pump is not pumping off the water, what do I do?

A: It may be that the pump's automatic shut-off is malfunctioning, or that there's another problem. Check your pump's manual for troubleshooting tips, as the pump may need to be repaired or replaced.

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