Can an automatic pool cover be used as a winter cover?

Yes it can, however there are some precautions that you will need to take in order to prevent any damage to your system. To learn about the steps you need to take, continue reading below.

First, proper water level must be maintained at all times in order to prevent damage to your cover and/or track as water, snow, and ice builds up on the cover. To maintain a proper water level, we recommend using skimmer plugs. Skimmer plugs are rather inexpensive items that you can buy that will prevent water from entering your skimmer system.

You should also use winter plugs for the returns, jets, and drains in your pool as needed. Plugging all these lines in the pool will further allow you to maintain proper water level as well as preventing damage to your plumbing system as the water freezes. If you have a pool with tile, it is important that you lower the water level one inch below the tile to prevent damage.

Lastly, keep in mind that even in the winter you will need to use a cover pump to remove any water off the cover as the snow or ice melts. Excessive water shouldn't be allowed to accumulate on the cover. NEVER attempt to break or remove ice from your automatic pool cover, as this can and likely will damage your cover and the track. Also NEVER operate an automatic pool cover while ice, snow, or water is on the cover.

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