Can I match anchor locations of an existing Safety Cover when ordering a new one?

Sure can! We can even help!

Looking for a replacement safety cover but don't want to remove your existing anchors?  If you would like to match the current strap and anchor locations of your safety cover, we can now use your existing safety cover to create a new matched safety cover! Exciting, right?

Take advantage of The RECOVERY Xpress Program for safety cover replacements. Bag your cover and ship it to one of our regional cover measurement facilities with a prepaid shipping label. Translation: We cover the shipping cost!

Here's how it works!

  1. Use this link to request this service. We'll send you everything you need to ship in your cover: shipping bag, label, etc.
  2. Remove your cover from your pool.
  3. Remove the springs and any other removable hardware from your cover. Any hardware left on your cover will not be returned.
  4. Spray your cover with a hose to remove dirt and debris and allow it to dry completely.
  5. Remove the yellow wire-on tag which is in the Template Return Kit. Verify that there is a Return Number written or printed on the tag, and attach the tag to the cover.
  6. If you want the old cover returned, please write “RETURN” on the back of the yellow tag. You pay the shipping and handling for returning the old cover back to you..
  7. Roll the cover up and place it into the shipping bag. Pull the drawstring tight and tie it so stays closed during shipping. Verify that there is a plastic document window on the outside of the bag with a preprinted shipping label inserted.
  8. The shipping label will be for either “UPS” in the U.S. or “Purolator” in Canada. Please drop the bag off at the appropriate location. You may also go online to or to arrange for a pick up. Pick up is free in most areas. You will be responsible for any special pick up fees that may apply.
  9. Upon receipt of the old cover, we’ll measure it using our state-of-the-art proprietary technology and provide a quote to you based off your original cover.

NOTE - We cannot match anchors on bungee cable covers or covers that have large spacing over 6'. Covers made before 2007 could be affected. A brand that we may not be able to assist with is Anchor Industries.

NOTE - The cover must be in reasonably good shape that allows for laying out and measuring all areas of the cover. Very rare for covers not to be able to be measured however, in the event this happens we will issue you a refund of the template fee. 

You can use this link to request this service!

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