Common Inground Vinyl Swimming Pool Kit Coping Question

The most common coping questions answered here!

Q. What type of coping is available with your swimming pool kits?

A. Bull-nose coping, Cantilever coping for bricks or stones, and Cantilever with foam forms for concrete.

Q. What type of coping is the most popular?

A. Bull-nose coping

Q. Will I need to cut the coping to fit my pool?

A. Yes, both bull-nose and cantilever flat track coping may require some cutting for a proper fit. You can do this with a Jigsaw, hacksaw, or a compound miter saw with a metal cutting blade.

Q. Some of my coping clips keep coming off, how do I fix this?

A. Make sure the joint where the coping meet is even before pouring the deck. If the deck has already been poured and you still have the problem, you can bend the coping clip slightly into a tighter radius. If they continue to pop off you can take a small amount of clear silicone and apply to the inside of the coping clip and reinstall it.

Q. I have cantilever coping, do I need coping clips?

A. Cantilever coping doesn’t require coping clips.

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