Do I need to use a pool cover or solar blanket in the summer?

We recommend it, yes. A pool cover does much more than just cover your pool in the winter. It can keep heat in your pool, keep leaves out of the pool, and save your chemicals and water from evaporating.

When a cover is used, heat will stay trapped in the pool and water temperature will stay higher than if the pool was uncovered overnight. This makes the water more comfortable to swim in during the day. If the pool is covered overnight or even during the day when you aren’t swimming, leaves and other debris will stay out of your pool. In turn, you won’t have to spend time getting the leaves out. If you have a pool cleaner, it would reduce work for the cleaner and would reduce the frequency of backwashing and cleaning needed for your filter. Since all these pool accessories would be working less, intervals between maintenance would also increase. With less debris in the pool, and less direct sunlight, chemical usage will be decreased.

A regular pool cover works well for trapping heat, but if you live in an area with a short pool season, a solar blanket may be a good option. A solar blanket is a blanket filled with thermal bubbles that is made to cover your entire pool, as well as heat and insulate your pool. When sun hits the blanket and bubbles they heat up the pool water. At night, the insulating characteristics of solar blankets keep heat in much better than a standard cover, resulting in higher water temperatures. A solar blanket could add several weeks to your swim season!

There are also automatic cover and reel systems that reduce the work needed to cover or uncover your pool. Automatic covers come in several variations. They can be installed under the coping, providing an attractive, seamless appearance. These covers may also be installed on the deck, using a bench-like box and rails along the deck of your pool. With a reel system, you would simply need to crank a handle to roll up your cover or blanket and pull the cover to the other side of the pool to cover it back up.

Pool covers and solar blanket systems do require an investment, but the benefits can be very rewarding with the potential to save money, reduce pool maintenance, and make your pool more comfortable to swim in.

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