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Above Ground Covers: Tips and Tricks!

See the below top 4 tips for above ground pool covers:

Above Ground Pool Cover Tips

  • Winter Cover Air Pillows are highly suggested in areas that commonly have snow and below freezing temperatures. Air Pillows are placed in the center of the pool with the cover pulled down and tightened pressing the pillow into the water. The use of Air Pillows is to prevent a solid sheet of ice forming on the surface of  your pool water/cover. Inflating these Air Pillows can be done in seconds using a Shop Vac.
  • Wind is something to be concerned with when installing a Winter Cover on an above ground swimming pool. First, secure the winter cover by tightening the wench (which is provided with all above ground winter covers). Additional products that help ensure  your cover's security as well as your above ground pool's safety include wall bags, cover clips, cover seal, etc. To view these products click here.
  • It is always important to keep an eye on your pool's water level through out the winter season. If your water level drops, it could easily stress the cover and the pool. Always fix leaks before closing your pool. Cover Pumps can be used to reduce the water on top of your winter cover.
  • Leaf Nets are a great way to get rid of your leaf build up by simply installing during the closing of your pool and when all the leaves have fallen simply remove the light-weight leaf net for the rest of the winter.

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