Above Ground Safety & Maintenance

Below are the most important safety and maintenance tips for owning an above ground swimming pool.

  • Keep your pool wall and frame clean. Always wash away any deposits of pool chemicals which land on the frame of your pool. Wash periodically with a mild soap solution (no abrasives).

Above Ground Safety & Maintenance

PRO TIP: At least once a year use a clear non-yellowing household wax on all metal components.

  • Your pool and liner must be inspected regularly for leaks, corrosion, scratches, and punctures. If any problem is found IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ACTION MUST BE TAKEN. Small repairs and punctures in your liner may be easily repaired using liner repair kits.
  • Scratches on your pool wall & frame must be touched up with anti-rust enamel. Wire brush all rust and add a coat of enamel primer followed by a coat of color matching paint.
  • Pool water is full of various caustic chemicals, which will corrode metal parts. If any corrosion is allowed to continue, failure of the pool structure may occur which could result in excessive property damage as well as bodily harm.

Above Ground Safety & Maintenance

WARNING! The skimmer area outside of your pool and below it are particular areas that must be regularly inspected. If this area is wet and remains wet for any length of time, it usually means there is a small leak.

  • The skimmer/skimmer return gaskets must be replaced when they become defective. Water must not be permitted to continually run down the wall if neglected the pool will break. If proper skimmer/skimmer return gasket care is not maintained, your warranty will be void.


Be sure to follow all local and state safety regulations when installing any accessory to your pool.

Any decks and all entries must be carefully monitored for safety and access to the pool.

Installing slides on an above ground pool is strictly forbidden and against all codes.


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