How to Install a Wilbar Stainless Steel Wall-Saver Panel

The Wall-Saver Panel is joined to the pool at each end of the wall to close the circle of your pool’s perimeter. If your pool model has this panel type, your pool will have 2 wall joints instead of one.

Select Wilbar pool models (like our Saltwater Ultimate) come with a Stainless-Steel Wall-Saver Panel. The Wall-Saver Panel is a separate piece of the pool wall that has the skimmer and return openings in it. 

On many Wall-Saver Panels, this means that one (1) of the wall joint areas will be exposed and clearly visible on the outside of the pool instead of being behind a pool upright. This is normal. See the image below.

How to Install a Wilbar Stainless Steel Wall-Saver Panel

To install the Wall-Saver Panel, follow the instructions below: the wall-saver panel will act as the pool wall for these instructions and will connect to the pool at both points.


There are two different common kinds of wall bars. One has a single row of bolts with wall bars, and the other is a staggered double row pattern with wall bars. The installation is the same regardless of the wall bar type.


                      SINGLE ROW                                                   STAGGERED BOLT PATTERNHow to Install a Wilbar Stainless Steel Wall-Saver Panel


Step 10 - 1

WARNING:Regardless of the wall bar type, when joining the pool walls together, make sure that the wall bars do not touch each other. See the illustration below.

How to Install a Wilbar Stainless Steel Wall-Saver Panel

One wall bar must be inside the pool (the bolts will touch this bar) and one bar must be outside the pool (the nuts will touch this bar). The pool walls will be in the middle, aligned so that all holes line up.

Insert the bolts with the bolt head to the inside and the nuts to the outside of the pool.

Do not tighten until all bolts have been inserted.

Step 11 - 2

PRO TIP: If your screwdriver slips and scratches the head of the bolt, file the scratch smooth so that it cannot puncture the liner. It is recommended that you cover the heads of the bolts (on the inside of the wall) with three layers of duct tape.


If the insertion of the wall in the bottom rail is tight at the point where the wall is joined together, insert a screwdriver and twist to make enough room, again being careful not to scratch the wall or the bottom rail.

IMPORTANT! All nuts should be as tight as possible using hand tools. Every hole from top to bottom of the wall/wall bar system must have a securely tightened nut and bolt. If you are missing any hardware, do not leave empty holes in the wall joint assembly. YOUR POOL WILL BREAK!


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