How to report a Missing Item from Your Order

While a lot of items end up being located in another box or package, if everything shows as delivered, you've inventoried your entire shipment, and still come up short, there's a short form to fill out to get answers quickly.


You'll want to make sure that you have completed your entire inventory and part checklist. This allows you to see if the missing part turns up in another package as well as determine if anything else is missing from your order. 

Your part's checklist can be found in your customer's portal here or on your order status. 

You can also check these locations to see if the item in question just hasn't arrived yet as almost all kits are received in multiple shipments. 

You can find the below REQUIRED information using your part's checklist. 

  • Order Number
  • Part Numbers for the missing item(s) 
  • Part Names or Descriptions for missing item(s) 
  • How many of that item you received versus how many are missing.
    • Ex: received 3 out of 4 bubblers. 1 bubbler missing. 

If requested, you can find the carton label on the box or package your items were supposed to ship in. 

Inspection IDs are only required if you have an H.I.I. above ground pool. These can be found directly on the carton/box/package. 


Once you have confirmed that the item has been marked as delivered, completed your entire order inventory to determine if anything else was missing or if the missing item was located in another package, and gathered the required information from above, please submit your missing item support case here. This is the fastest route to resolution as every missing item reported must have a support case submitted.