Installing a Pool Frog System and Common FAQs

We have the resources you need in order to install your new Pool Frog system including common FAQs

We cover step-by-step details for POOL FROG installation here, including images and an installation video. 

You can find common POOL FROG FAQs below: 

Can I install an above ground unit on an in ground pool?

Yes, an Above Ground POOL FROG can accommodate up to a 25,000 gallon-sized inground pool. See the installation options in the above-ground POOL FROG manual:  English here or Spanish here.

What tools are needed for Pool Frog installation?

All POOL FROG systems require the following: 

  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Teflon Tape or Pipe Thread Sealant and/or cement and primer
In-line installations will also need a hacksaw and tape measure. 
Off-line installations will also need a drill with 5/8″ or 19/32″ bit.

What installation parts are not included?

  • ABOVE GROUND SYSTEMS will require a hose adapter, one section of 1 1/2″ flex hose and Teflon tape
  • INGROUND SYSTEMS will require PVC primer, cement, and pipe thread sealant.
  • POOLS WIH HEATERS are highly recommend to add a check valve to prevent chlorine backwash from getting into the heater when the pump is off. 

Can I use Teflon tape to install?
Yes, but only on Above Ground systems. For inground systems, pipe thread sealant should be used. This is because the inground system port design will make the tape bunch up, which can lead to leaks.

How far should the cycler be installed from the heater?

As far as your pool's equipment pad is concerned, the chemical system should always be installed last so it is the closest unit to the pool return. That being said, to avoid corrosion, you'll want to have as much space between your Pool Frog and heater a possible. A check valve is also highly recommended between the Pool Frog system and the heater.

When would a special installation be required?

When the pool and spa share equipment, if you have solar heating, or an in-floor cleaner is installed, or if your water flow is higher than 80 gpm, you will need speciall installation outside of the basic guidelines as these features can create a spike in pressure when they're running that can crack either cause over chlorination or for the POOL FROG system cap to crack. Installing your system to bypass these features will solve the problem.

What is the correct setting for my control dial?

In order to maintain the correct chlorine level, your control dial will have a specific setting based on your pool's size, pump size, and pump run time. See your POOL FROG system user manual. 

What should my back pressure be?

Ideally, back pressure should be between 4-8 psi. To adjust back pressure,  in the return jet, adjust the eyeball fitting to a smaller or larger size to increase or decrease your back pressure.

Can I refill the chlorine Bac Pac on my own?

No! Attempting to refilled your Bac Pac is dangerous and will void the POOL FROG warranty due to the product is not being used according to directions.

How long do the pre-filled Bac Pacs last?
The POOL FROG Bac Pac will last 1-3 weeks; depending on the size of the pool and how often the pool is used. If pairing the POOL FROG system with E-Z POOL maintenance program, you're pre-filled POOL FROG Pac Bacs will last longer. 

How Long Do The Pre-Filled Bac Pacs Last?

The POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir lasts 6 months or one pool season whichever is shorter. 

Why Should I Use Frog Bam?

If you struggle with the mess of algae every summer, FROG BAM is the answer. FROG Bam is pre-filled and pre-measured to treat up to 15,000 gallons each; use multiple bottles to treat bigger pools. No algae for 90 days — guaranteed!If you have a cronic algae issue, consider adding REVIVE! weekly to your pool maintenacne routine to solve the issue.

How should I winterized my POOL FROG?

  1. Turn the pump off and turn the POOL FROG control dial all the way to the left (Pac Removal).
  2. Remove the cap and unscrew knob (in back of inground units or front of above ground units) and allow all water to drain. See image:
  3. If your POOL FROG Bac Pac still contains chlorine, wrap the Bac Pac in a plastic bag and store in a cool well-ventilated location away from children, pets, vehicles, or anything metal that can rust. 
  4. Remove the POOL FROG Mineral Reservoir and discard. Even if you hear minerals inside, it is no longer effective. 
  5. Loosely replace the cap and knob.

Can you use POOL FROG with an Ozone or Salt System?

Absolutely! Especially since POOL FROG's minerals reduce chlorine use. So you can turn the control dial down to generate less chlorine when paired with a salt generator since the salt system is generating it's own chlorine as well. This will lengthen the life of your salt cell.

Ozone is an oxidizer which means using it with POOL FROG could help to eliminate shocking. However, if you do not have an Ozone system, you can accomplish the same thing using E-Z POOL and REVIVE!

How to replace different aspects of your Pool Frog System

This information can be found on page 12 of your user's manual.

Above ground manual 

Inground manual

We cover step-by-step details for POOL FROG installation here, including images and an installation video. 

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