What's the Delivery Policy?

The full delivery policy is in the terms & conditions which you can find a copy of in your order confirmation email or below.

  • The order will be delivered via 18-wheel semi-truck unless the order is small enough to ship via FedEx or UPS. 
  • The actual delivery location is at the discretion of the delivery truck driver.
  • If an 18-wheeler cannot access your driveway click here.  

How to Accept Delivery

  • The customer or customer’s agent must be present to unload and accept the shipment. If the customer is not present to accept delivery, the customer will incur extra charges for re-delivery and storage costs.
  • The customer is financially responsible for any requested special services such as a liftgate, smaller truck, address changes, etc. Additional services including prepaid liftgate may not be available in all areas. Royal Swimming Pools Inc is not responsible for any unloading costs, if accrued by the customer.
  • Royal Swimming Pools Inc recommends having 2-3 people available to unload the shipment.
  • Royal Swimming Pools Inc, their suppliers, and the delivery carrier are not responsible for damage caused by improper unloading of the shipment including dropping items or improper use of a forklift. A Forklift is not required for pool kit shipments. An average pool kit can be completely unloaded in approximately 15-25 minutes without the use of a forklift.
  • Shipments may be shrink-wrapped or boxed on one or more pallets.

IMPORTANT: The driver is required to wait ( a reasonable time) for your full inspection. This does not mean that you need to open every box, but you will need to remove any shrink wrap and inspect the boxes for any visible damage. If you see or suspect damage, simply notate the delivery ticket accordingly BEFORE signing for your shipment. 'Hole on side of box, subject to inspection' or 'Box torn, may have damaged contents'.


Many times even if a box is damaged most if not ALL of the components inside are in perfect condition. Even if something is damaged, it is much quicker for us to get you a replacement piece than to pull together an entire replacement box as each box contains items specifically for your pool. If something is damaged or missing follow the below instructions. 

How to Handle Damaged or Missing Delivery Items Quickly

  • The customer must remove the plastic wrap to check the shipment before signing the bill of lading delivery receipt (BOL).
    • Compare the number of pieces received to the number of pieces shown on the BOL to ensure that the correct number of pieces is being received.
    • The customer must note any specific damage, open boxes, or missing pieces directly on the driver’s copy of the BOL before signing the BOL.
    • Take a photo of any visible damage and attach the photos along with a copy of the BOL to this form.
    • The shipper will file a damage claim with the freight company if damage is found to the product within a damaged box ONLY if damage to the specific box is noted on the driver’s copy of the BOL.
  • If damage is found to a product after the customer signs the driver's copy of the BOL the customer must file a concealed damage claim directly with the freight company.


  • After the customer accepts the shipment and signs the driver’s copy of the BOL as per the above instructions, the customer has up to one week from the date of delivery to report any missing or incorrect items from within the cartons received.
    • The customer must use the product parts list and report any and all missing parts here along with a copy of the manufacturer’s box label and a copy of the manufacturer’s inspection ID label (when applicable). 
    • The parts will be shipped to the customer via standard ground transportation.
  • IMPORTANT: Any boxes or parts that are listed as pieces on the BOL but are not noted as missing on the driver’s copy of the BOL cannot be reported to Royal Swimming Pools Inc as missing items. You must note missing boxes or pieces on the driver's BOL.

The customer should call Royal Swimming Pools Inc toll free 877-602-7067 with any questions about delivery or if the delivery driver provides instructions that are contrary to this agreement, before signing the BOL.

Information or instructions given to the customer by phone or by the delivery driver does not alter the terms of the above terms & conditions which are agreed to at the time orders are placed.

  • The customer assumes liability for the contents of the shipment once the driver’s copy of the BOL is signed by the customer or customer’s agent.


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