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When should I replace my pool liner?

If your liner has any rips that are too big to patch, is stained due to prolonged algae buildup, or is just faded from old age; it may be time for you to get a new liner!

With proper care and maintenance, pool liners will last approximately 10-14 years and sometimes longer. However, damage can sometimes occur even with proper care. When these unforeseen damages occur, it is helpful to know when your liner can be repaired rather than be replaced.

Punctured or Ripped Liners:

Over time your liner is being exposed to chemicals and sun which can cause it to become stiff and brittle. As a result, older liners will become susceptible to rips or tears. If there is a large tear in your liner, the chances are that it will need to be replaced. Otherwise, you can risk corrosion to your pool walls. Smaller tears that are about 1-2 inches can oftentimes be repaired with a pool liner patch kit. It is important to assess any punctures or tears in your liner, as they may lead to leaks.

Stained Liners:

Most stains in your pool are the result of algae buildup in your pool. This can be caused by improper chemical levels, so it is important to maintain the appropriate chemicals in your pool. As long as the problem is addressed promptly, there should be no need to replace your liner. However, the longer the problem persists- the more likely the stains on your liner will become permanent.

*Don't forget to check your old liner's warranty information to see what is covered before buying a new liner.*




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