Hayward ColorLogic FAQS

Find answers to the most commonly asked technical ColorLogic Questions.

Why is my UCL light flashing in white

This can be explained by one of the following:
  • Normally caused by voltage drop, some reasons
  • Wrong voltage from a wall mount transformer (needs to be 14V if longer than 50ft)
  • Non pool transformer that does not support 14V
  • Cord run from the transformer to the ultimate light too long
  • Single low gauge run to multiple lights from the transformer to the JBox
  • Low utility input voltage
  • Too many lights (more than 3) are installed on the transformer

Why is my light flashing in many colors?

  • Usually an indication that a junction box transformer that is operating in White or a Color Show in ambient outdoor temps north of 95 degrees at night.

Why is my light dimming?

  • Light is not installed in the water or pool water is hotter than 100 degrees.

Even when the lights are off, why does the Lights indicator on the Pro Logic control panel always turn on whenever the Pro Logic is turned on?

  • The Lights indicator reflects the state of power to the lights and power is always applied to the lights when the pool controller is on. The lights run a light show, turn on, or turn off under program control which is initiated from the Pro Logic. In general, lights will have power applied even if the lights are not displaying visible light.

Can the Lights relay be configured when used with a ColorLogic Lights Generation 4.0
(CLLG4) system?

  • No, the Pro Logic automatically assigns the Lights relay to the CLLG4 system and enables
    power to the light. Lights are always powered when the pool controller is powered on. To force this relay off, use Service Mode or System Off mode.

How does the Lights button work?

  • The Lights button is used for emergency white lighting of the pool. The Lights button sends a
    command to toggle the light state. The lights will either turn on (full white) or off. If you press the button and the lights remain off, press the button again to turn the lights on full white. If you press the button and the lights stay on, press the button again to make the lights turn off. Normal color operation of the lights is done through Aux buttons.

Can lights be assigned to multiple Aux buttons?

  • Yes, different light shows can be set up for each Aux button. For instance, a light can be
    assigned to Aux 1 and Aux 2. Aux 1 can be set to Voodoo Lounge while Aux 2 can be set to
    Deep Blue Sea.

What happens when lights are assigned to multiple Aux buttons?

  • Lights process the command associated with the last button which was turned on.

Do all lights have to be assigned to the same Aux button?

  • No, a subset of lights can be assigned to any Aux button. For instance, if you are using a
    Pro Logic with eight Aux buttons, pool lights can be assigned to Aux 4 and spa lights can be
    assigned to Aux 5. If Aux 4 and Aux 5 are set up this way, different light shows can be
    assigned to Aux 4 and Aux 5. Moreover, if lights are separated between pool and spa, both
    the pool and spa lights can run different light shows at the same time. Another Aux can run
    all the lights at once.

Can light show settings be changed while a show is running?

  • Yes, the settings for a show can be changed while a show is running. If you pause a few
    seconds between key presses, you will be able to see the effect of the changes while the
    show is running.

How do lights go from stand alone mode to program control mode?

  • Lights are originally shipped in stand alone mode. This mode allows the light shows
    to be controlled using power line interrupts (toggling power to the light) and is similar
    to the previous generation lights. The lights automatically go into program control
    mode when they are configured with a Pro Logic pool controller and AQL-COLORMODHV.

How do lights go from program control mode to stand alone mode?

  • Lights which have been installed and configured with a pool controller can be
    returned to stand alone mode by using the “Reset ColorLogic” option in the Pro
    Logic configuration menu. You also will need to remove the network module and
    move the lights input and output power to another relay.

Can I mix ColorLogic 4.0 lights with ColorLogic 2.5 lights in stand alone mode?

  • No, the timing of light shows in version 4.0 lights is not the same as version 2.5
    lights. The lights will not perform at the same speed or intensity.

Can I mix ColorLogic 4.0 lights with UCL in stand alone or Module control?

  • Yes, for stand alone mode the UCL lights will have to be set to 4.0 mode. For
    module control no additional steps are necessary.