How can I get rid of algae in my swimming pool?

Before you can get rid of algae, you must first identify whether you have green algae, black algae, or mustard algae so that you know the right course of action to treat it. Learn the steps to treat each here!

Green Algae:

Green algae is the most common kind of algae to affect your pool, this algae looks like moss and floats in your pool. The best method of getting rid of green algae is to shock your pool, along with cleaning your pool's filter daily. You'll want to run the filtration system constantly, and shock the pool to a decently high level of available free chlorine, in order for the bacteria to feed on the shock, and die, so it can be vacuumed out.

Black Algae:

If you run a hand along your pool wall and it feels oily or slippery, it's black algae. This type of algae is rarely ever cured just by shocking your pool and it is one of the hardest algae to remove. Black Algae can only be treated with a specialized algaecide that you should only use to treat this type of algae. Be sure to pay close attention to the directions on the back of the bottle, as well as your ph levels so that it doesnt stain your liner.

Mustard Algae:

This algae floats around in your pool in a similar way to green algae, but is yellow in color and appears cloudy. Shocking is typically what is recommended to treat this type of algae, but an additional step may be added if that alone doesn't do the trick. Adding sodium bromine to slight shocking can be used to treat the worse spots. Sodium bromine is available in different brands, most referring to yellow stains. Add the recommended amount for your pool size into a large bucket, a small amount of shock, mix with water, and add to the areas showing the algae, or where you first saw it. Allow it to filter overnight, backwash and rinse, vacuum to waste, and repeat if you still see it.

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