How do I change the control panel in a Heatwave Sauna?

You can change the control panel in 8 easy steps!

  1. To access the control panel enter the sauna and locate the inner control panel mounted on the front panel.
  2. Remove the screws around the control panel and pull the inner panel down.
  3. There are 2 white connectors that connect the inner and outer controlpanels. Remove the connector that connects to the inside control panel. This is the control panel that can be accessed from the inside of the sauna.
  4. There are 4 screws located on the corners of the inner control panel. Remove the screws and take out the control panel.
  5. When the panel is removed the thermostat wire will need to be cut. Do not remove the thermostat wire from the face of the control panel.
  6. Replace the control panel with the new panel and reattach the screws on the corners to hold the panel in place.
  7. Reattach the white wire connector to the control panel.
  8. Place the control panel back in place and attach the frame using the screws that were removed. Once the frame is in place the process is complete. Make sure the control panel wires are connected on the roof.