How do I install an Aqualuminator above ground pool light?

After your liner is installed, the pool has been filled to about halfway, and the liner is resting flat against the wall with no slack or tension, you can begin the installation process. All it takes is 6 easy steps!


1. From outside the pool, take the hollow portion of the aqualuminator and press it into the return hole in the wall against the liner softly. Do not push hard enough to rip the liner, but just hard enough to make it stick out of the wall a small amount. While holding with one hand, take a sharp razor blade and cut out the section around the portion sticking through the wall. As you cut the liner, the light mount will become easier to push through. This will ensure the liner and gasket stay flat on the wall.


2. Once the liner piece out of the way, screw the female threaded portion with the hose bib and supplied gasket onto the male threaded portion now sticking through the wall. This should be tightened hand tight plus about ¼ turn. If hand tight does not align the hose barb to face down, loosen it slightly and rotate the assembly, then tighten again. Repeat as necessary.

3. Once you have the wall fitting secure, you can install the bulb assembly. With the screw on lock ring and wire cover off, insert the bulb assembly from the inside of the pool until you feel the oring come out the back side. Screw on the retainer ring.


4. Connect the wiring to the connectors inside the bulb housing and snap on the cover.

5. Attach the return line hose from your filter to the hose barb on the bottom and tighten hose clamp.

6. Turn on pump. Adjust the outer ring of the light on the inside of the pool to change the direction of the water. Opposite of the skimmer is usually ideal.

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