How do I know if a certain Above Ground Pool is in Stock?

If you're on a product page for the size and shape of the pool model you're interested in and it says "call for availability" it is either out of stock or very low in inventory as of that morning. Read more below for COVID-19 exceptions.

DUE TO COVID 19 operational impact, you can assume that all above ground swimming pools are "out of stock" and have an estimated 8-12 week lead time 

You can still place an order for a "call for availability" pool but it may not reach you in as timely of a manner as you would prefer.

Once you've selected the size, shape, and model of your favorite pool, if you do not see "call for availability" you should* be good to go! 

*Please note that during peak season pool models can become out of stock quickly and just because it does not say "call for availability" it does not guarantee that the pool you selected will be in stock by the time your order is processed. If for any reason you order a pool that becomes out of stock after you place your order, a Royal team member will contact you ASAP with alternative options within the same price range as the pool you selected. 


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