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Should I get a safety cover or a winter pool cover?

We will let you decide that for yourself! Here is a breakdown of the benefits of each:

Winter Covers:

  • Winter mesh covers keep out solid debris, while winter solid covers can prevent additional water and snowmelt from making its way into the pool.
  • Block sunlight. This can help prevent evaporation throughout the winter months as well as decreasing algae growth.
  • Are far easier to install than safety covers, which can ensure that you can prep your pool for winter more quickly.
  • Cheaper than a safety cover.



Safety Covers:

  • Help protect the pool against the same debris as a winter cover, but moreso in difficult weather conditions. 
  • A properly installed safety cover helps prevent children and pets from getting into the pool.
  • Offer some legal protection. If a small child or neighborhood pet wanders into your pool, you may be liable. On the other hand, when you install a safety cover, you show your dedication to keeping your pool as safe as possible--which can help prevent you from facing legal repercussions.
  • Are more visually appealing than winter covers, which are essentially big tarps that are clunky and loose when compared to safety covers.




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