Should I use padding and foam cove under my above ground swimming pool liner?

Yes! It is always a good idea to use padding under your liner as another layer to prevent roots, stones, or other debris from making a hole in your liner and causing a leak.

There are many different kinds of padding on the market, to name a few there are: Gorilla Pad, Happy Bottom, and Foam Pad. While they all provide protection to your liner, they also serve as some extra cushioning that lessens the occurrence of footprints in the sand under the pad.

They all have their benefits, but what makes them different? Happy Bottom and Foam Pad need to be cut to fit your pool's shape, while Gorilla Pad is made to the shape and size of your pool to make the installation quicker and easier. Foam Cove can also be used to cushion the liner from the pool's sidewall and can help prevent heat from escaping your pool.

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