Somethings wrong with my Salt System...

The most common concern we get for salt system owners is that the the salt cell is not producing chlorine. However, very often this concern is only triggered because the pool turned green or the water test shows zero free chlorine.

More often, if the salt system is fairly new (only a few years old) we find that there's nothing actually wrong with the system. The Pump just just isn't being ran long enough or the chlorine output is to low, or the pool is not being shocked as needed, Oh yeah, salt pools still need shocked.  However, if you're salt system has a light on or flashing we have additional resources.

Within this article we will cover what to do if, 

  • "Check Salt" & "Inspect Cell" light is flashing or ON
  • Just the "Inspect Cell" light is ON
  • "High Salt" light is ON
  • "No Flow" light is flashing

We'll also cover some How-To's you'll need for the above processes, such as 

  • How to Reset Average Salt Levels
  • Salt Reading from Independent Testing 
  • Verify salt level is 2700 - 3400ppm (For "High Salt)
  • How to Calculate How Much Water Will Need to be Removed from a Pool withToo Much Salt (for "High Salt")
  • A Salt Ratio Chart 
  • How to Add Salt 


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