Using a Hot Tub or Spa While Pregnant

Here are five precautions you should take before using a Hot Tub or Spa while pregnant:

  1. It is best to avoid the Hot Tub or Spa until after your first trimester, as the baby is very small and vulnerable during the first 13 weeks.
  2. Make sure the Hot Tub or Spa has been recently cleaned to reduce the risk of possible infections.
  3. Since our body temperature is normally around 98 degrees, you should keep the temperature set to 99 or 100 degrees so that your body temperature doesn't get too hot.
  4. We recommend only using the Hot Tub or Spa in increments of 10-20 minutes so that you don't overheat and cause stress on your body.
  5. While in the Hot Tub or Spa, it is best to drink cold water to keep your body temperature down as well as keeping yourself hydrated as you start to sweat.

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