What are the pro's & con's of solid vs mesh Safety Covers?

Traditional safety covers are either woven mesh or solid vinyl which are secured to your pool’s deck with straps to anchors around the entire perimeter of your pool in order to close your pool for the cooler season. Safety covers also prevent accidents as they provide extra protection for children, animals, and unintended guests.

Both types of safety cover material provide protection for your pool and guests however each has its own advantages:

Mesh Safety Covers:

  • Lighter and Easier to Handle
  • Rain and Snow Pass Through the Mesh into The Pool
  • Leaves and Large Debris Are Collected on Top
  • Less Expensive Than a Solid Safety Cover

The mesh cover is a little lighter & easier to work with, making it ideal for just one person to install & remove the cover. It allows all of the water to pass thru, which means you may have to pump water out of the pool.

Solid Safety Covers:

  • Blocks 100% Of Sunlight Preventing Algae Growth Which Can Stain Your Pool
  • Easier Spring Clean Up as Dirty Water is Kept Out
  • Prevents Fine Debris from Entering the Pool
  • Stronger More Durable Material

With a solid cover with a pump, rain water or dirt will not be able to get into your pool. When you summerize your pool in the spring, typically, it should look like it did the day you closed it. You do have to keep up with removing the debris during the winter months. The solid cover with drain panel keeps out the majority of sunlight, but it does allow the water to pass thru the drain panel. Depending on the amount of precipitation you may or may not have to pump some water out of your pool as it accumulates.

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