What Do I Use For The Bottom of My Inground Pool?

The purpose of the swimming pool base is to provide a smooth surface for the swimming pool liner. A smooth surface is less abrasive on the pool liner and makes it easier to keep the swimming pool clean. There are a couple choices when choosing your pool base:

  1. Sand is the most economical and works well in flat bottom swimming pools, or those that do not have a steep slope. The amount needed will vary by pool size. The sand should be mason's quality and spread about 1"- 2" thick. However it does not provide a pool floor without foot prints and impressions.
  2. The most common used swimming pool base throughout the years has been a mixture of sand and portland cement. Portland cement is available from your local hardware store and can be mixed with sand to form a hard floor.
  3. Vermiculite can be purchased in 4 cubic foot (average weight 20lbs - 30lbs) that must be mixed with Portland cement or in 42lb bags that is already mixed with Portland cement. The pre-mix is also known as pool-crete. The Vermiculite & Portland is mixed with water using a paddle mixer or cement mixer. We offer both the vermiculite and Pool-Krete 

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