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What does my Liner Warranty cover?

All USA liner manufacturers liner warranties cover a seam separation- where the seam is coming apart.

*In addition to the information below, you can also find instructions on the liner warranty card that originally came with the liner.

If you find a hole that is not a seam separation, a vinyl repair kit should be used. The liner can be repaired under water with no effect on the liner seam warranty.

The manufacturer's warranty does not cover:

  • Cuts in the liner- including cuts that are next to a seam
  • Tears or rips- which can be caused by a combination of many things (especially above the water level)
    • over stretching or dragging of the liner during the installation
    • improper pH or total alkalinity balance and sun UV rays
    • draining and refilling the pool
  • Ice damage- occurs around the top of the pool especially if air pillows were not used during a hard freeze

To file a warranty claim:

Almost all US liner manufacturers require that a 12" x 12" or larger piece of the liner (with the separated liner seam in question located near the center of the piece) to be mailed to the manufacturer along with a warranty RMA# (which we can assist you with obtaining). Warranty coverage is pro-rated on a per season basis.

Please note, failure to send in the required 12" x 12" piece of liner with the separation in question in the center of the piece will result in automatic denial of a warranty claim.

Based on this information, please let us know if you would like a mandatory warranty RMA# to return a liner due to seam separation. If so, we will also send the appropriate return address at that time. You can fill out a support ticket here to request this information.

We’re also happy to look at photos of the liner seam separation if you prefer a second set of eyes and additional recommendations before mailing in your liner for warranty coverage.

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