What kind of inground pool should I get?

You have three choices when it comes to picking out what type of inground pool you should get: Gunite, Fiberglass, or Vinyl Liner. While a Vinyl Liner pool is the most popular, each has it's own benefits.

  • Gunite/Concrete Pool: The most expensive of the three, a gunite pool will require you to hire a professional pool installer but the end result is a pool that will last a very long time. The surface of this pool will need to be re-plastered or painted every 10-15 years.
  • Fiberglass Pool: This pool also requires you to hire a professional pool installer and you are limited in choosing the size or shape of it. The main advantage of a fiberglass pool is the ability to install it quickly. These pools are also prone to staining and cracking, and can never be drained without having the proper equipment.
  • Vinyl Liner Pool: If price is a determining factor on your choice of pool, then a vinyl liner swimming pool is your best bet! You can build a vinyl liner pool to any size or shape and add additional features like a diving board, lights, and a spillover spa for a fraction of the cost of a gunite pool. Typically people change their vinyl liners every 7-12 years due to fading, but we have had customers who've had liners last up to 18 years without needing to be replaced thanks to proper chemical use.

We break this list down even deeper here! Going into each options pros and cons list as well as common prices. 

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