What size heater do I need for my pool?

Choosing the right size heater for your size pool is important. The main factors in choosing the right size are the volume of the pool, and the desired temperature rise.

The heater size should be based on how warm you want the pool or spa water and how fast you want the pool to warm up. If you plan to keep the pool warm all the time a smaller heater will work. The most economical use is to over size the heater and quickly warm up the pool water before you are ready to use it.

Sizing formula

  1. Determine what temperature you want for the water ( 78 for pools - 100 for spas)
  2. Subtract average spring and fall air temperature for the period you will use the heater
  3. Equals the desired temperature rise20 - temp rise needed
  4. Use charts in the link below to match the needed temperature rise with the degree per hour rise in temperature for heater size

Example: 78 degrees is the desired water temperature but 58 degrees is the average temperature. 20 degrees is therefore the temperature rise needed.

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