Why does my pool keep turning green?

If your pool keeps turning green even after treating it, it is likely you have Mustard Algae. Mustard Algae is the most resistant algae and requires a specific treatment to permanently remove. Here is the process!

1. Vacuum the pool on the waste setting.

Mustard Algae is resistant to the normal chlorine levels so to get rid of Mustard Algae you can use a Yellow Out type product.

2. To keep the it from returning to your pool, use copper algaecide.

Copper algaecide should be used as per the manufacturer instructions and should not be used during high levels of chlorine to prevent staining.

3. Use clarifier to help filter out the algae and Metal Out or Demineralizer to prevent staining.

You'll be back to swimming in crystal clear water in no time!

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