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How Can I Prevent My Liner from Floating?

Without proper care, liners are subject to “float” during the spring and early summer due to excessive rain. But the good news is, there are ways you can prevent this from happening!

When winterizing the pool for the winter, the most common procedure is to lower the water level in the pool.  This is not recommended for vinyl lined pools with a history of floating liners. A simply skimmer plug (Gizzmo) will protect the skimmer housing from any freeze damage. 

A drain/vacuum line can be installed to relieve the hydrostatic pressure.  This is a PVC pipe installed in the wall of the pool, under the liner, and joins on the suction side the pump or a water drain. This way the hydrostatic pressure can be relieved as it accumulates. Ground water pumps are another way to pull water from behind the liner.  This uses the PVC pipeline in conjunction with a combination valve box and sump pump.

Adjust your landscaping and water flow management. Landscaping, French drains and deck drains are a great source to help shuffle water away from the pool.

Read more on fixing a floating liner here!

A ground water system would need to be installed to prevent that extra H2O from collecting between the liner and the floor of your pool. A quick & easy solution to groundwater issues is our new HydroBlox product

If your liner ends up floating, once the water starts to recede, you may discover some of the following problems.

  • Liner coming out of the track located under the coping
  • Wrinkles on the floor and/or walls   
  • Shifting of the floor in a sand bottom pool
  • The protective wall foam between the liner and walls, bunching up around the top of the pool. If this happens, the wall foam needs to be removed.
  • Tears, especially in older liners

How Do I Fix a Floating Pool Liner?

When ground water floats a liner, the liner is lifted up therefore causing the tension to be released from the liner bead.  This allows the liner bead to become loose and eventually pulled out of the track.  If this happens, the liner bead will simply need to be reinstalled back into the track or more commonly called “snapped” back into track.

If floating is a recurring problem, liner locks can be installed in the track along with the liner bead to make a snugger fit, leaving less room for movement.

If your pool does not have ground water systems in place, there’s still good news! Your local pool professional can drain the water from under the pool and reposition or “Reset” your liner if caught in time and still suggest a possible groundwater system appropriate for your pool. Make sure to keep our easy to install and even easier to maintain HydroBlox items!

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