How to Adjust your Above Ground Pool Liner

Once the liner is securely in place by either the coping, bead, or J-hook, temporarily pull any wrinkles in the floor towards the side wall evenly, leaving the wrinkles at the cove.

Remove wrinkles at the cove by adjusting the amount of material over the wall. Do not pull too tight- leave the slack on the sides. When a liner is properly installed, there is no downward pressure on the liner. The liner could pull in if it is hung too tightly.

When the liner is correctly positioned, there must be no air between the liner, the ground, or the pool wall.

How to Adjust your Above Ground Pool Liner
: Use a Shop Vac to remove any space under the liner and show wrinkles.


  • Use cardboard and duct tape to seal the wall returns on the outside of the pool.
  • Place the Shop Vac on a steady surface close to the skimmer.
  • Insert the vacuum hose into the top of the skimmer and out through the skimmer’s opening into the pool until it’s roughly halfway down the pool’s wall.
  • Make sure to use enough duct tape around the top of the skimmer to seal air from leaking around the hose.

Once the Shop Vac is on, you may see wrinkles on the walls and floor. When this happens, turn off the Shop Vac and carefully maneuver the liner to push/pull the winkle towards the nearest wall. If the wrinkles are difficult to reach, pushing the wrinkles with a pool brush can help smooth the liner out. Keep the hose in the pool until further instruction.

How to Adjust your Above Ground Pool Liner

PRO TIP: For overlap liners with a lot of wrinkles, make sure the overlapped part of the liner is distributed evenly around the pool. If it is, try pulling more of the liner up and over the pool wall. Keep in mind that smaller wrinkles are often smoothed out by water pressure and a little guidance.

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