How to Complete an Inventory Check for my New Above Ground Swimming Pool

Once you have successfully received all pieces, boxes, and/or pallets for your pool, before you start building, complete all inventory checklists provided before starting your build.

This will help ensure you do not have to stop the building process because something is not there, which can be costly if you’ve hired a builder or the weather undoes your work. Do a complete inventory in advance.

Before You Report Something Missing:

Make sure that you have completed all inventory checklists so that all missing items are reported at the same time as many vendors can only submit one claim at the time of shipment delivery and one claim post-delivery. Multiple claims will often not be supported. Take the time to complete your entire inventory checklist

How to Complete an Inventory Check for my New Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you purchase your pool from Royal Swimming Pools, missing parts must be reported within five business days of receiving the pool. You can report missing items here



You'll want to make sure that you have completed your entire inventory and part's checklist. This allows you to see if the missing part turns up in another package as well as determine if anything else is missing from your order. 

You can find the below information using your part's checklist. 

  • Part Numbers
  • Part Names or Descriptions
  • How many of that item you received versus how many are thought to be missing

The carton label will be on the box or package your items were supposed to ship in. 

Inspection IDs are only required if you have an H.I.I. above ground pool. These can be found directly on the carton/box/package. 


Make sure that you have received all the required boxes listed on your order. Then go through each box and confirm that all the required parts/items for your pool (as listed on the manufacturer’s included part’s list) are present and accounted for.


How to Complete an Inventory Check for my New Above Ground Swimming Pool

PRO TIP: This is the perfect time to also double-check the label on your liner box (before opening the box) to ensure the size, type, and pattern all match what you ordered.


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