Tracking Number FAQS for Easily Understanding your Delivery

When will you get tracking? Don't see your tracking? Tracking number not working? We cover the most common tracking related questions here!

You have an exciting delivery coming your way! Naturally, you want to know when it will be arriving especially if your order requires you to sign for it upon delivery.

IMPORTANT: We send an email update as soon as tracking is made available from our partnering distribution centers. If your order has multiple shipments (like with our pool kits) you will receive an email every time you have new tracking information available. We send these updates to the email provided at the time of checkout. Just in case one of these emails goes into your SPAM folder, we also add tracking information to your order status page. If you do not see tracking numbers on your order status page, tracking is most likely not available yet. 

What has to happen before tracking can be provided?

First, your order has to be processed on our end. Processing could include requiring you to approve your order or your pool's dig spec via DocUSign, or provide additional information such measurements to  If your order requires any of these, it will not be processed until that information is received. 

Once your order is processed and payment is received, your order is sent to the appropriate distribution center(s) to be fulfilled. This means that your order will be pulled, packed, and prepped for shipment all before tracking labels are created.

Tracking is generally provided for your shipment(s) shortly after a shipping label is created by the distribution center. Multiple shipments may be required for your order.

When should you expect tracking information?

You will only receive tracking information for items that are either ready to ship or have shipped. 

The time frame for receiving tracking depends on what you ordered. Pool kits and custom made items take longer to create, pull together, and pack than an order for a single in-stock readily available item. For more in-depth information on timeframes please refer to this page.

Can't find your tracking numbers?

You can find available tracking information on your order status page. Available tracking will be found below your "ordered items" section. If you do not see tracking information it is most likely not yet available. For information on when you should expect tracking please refer to this page. If it has been beyond the timeframe outlined on that page for your specific order type, you can submit a support ticket here for a team member to look into the delay. Please make sure you check to see if you are actually outside of the provided timeframes before submitting a support ticket. 

Tracking numbers not working? 

If you have your tracking numbers but when you click on them nothing happens or when you try to track them they don't show up on the carrier's site, they most likely have not been activated yet. What does this mean? In most cases, your shipment has been prepped for the carrier and is waiting to be picked up from the distribution center. What should you do? Please wait 1-2 business days for the tracking number(s) to activate. If after 1-2 business days, your tracking is still not working please submit a support ticket. 



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