When will my order ship & how long is the estimated transit time?

Due to COVID 19 operational impact please see the current times to ship based on what's on your order below...

LAST UPDATED on July 02, 2020

For a more thorough breakdown on COVID-19 Operational Impact on the Above Ground Swimming Pool industry please click here. 


IMPORTANT: The timeframes below are subject to change, are true estimates meaning they are not guaranteed dates but dates set based on the current performance of the fulfillment center at the time of sending the processed order to fulfillment. 

The timeframes below reflect processing and fulfillment time and do NOT include transit time. All lead timeframes begin only after confirming full payment. 

Please note: timeframes for in-stock items assumes that the item does not become out of stock in between the time you place your order and the time it takes to complete processing. If any item becomes out of stock in this timeframe we will contact the email address used to place your order with alternative options. 

*The below lead times pertain to new/recent orders or future orders. Older orders may be experiencing longer lead times as many of the delays causing these backups have occurred over the last couple of weeks. Lead times are standing to decrease and we hope to have more information for you soon.

  • NON STOCK ITEMS:  Lead time varies based on the item(s) and manufacturer. We will update you as quickly as possible on estimate lead times.
  • SOLAR COVERS: 3-6 weeks 
  • SLIDES: 3-8 weeks
  • STANDARD SAFETY COVERS: 5-10 Business days
  • CUSTOM SAFETY COVERS: 15-25 Business days. This timeframe assumes that there are no issues with the safety cover measurements. If there are errors or missing measurements this will cause a delay.
  • INGROUND LINERS: Most manufactures are experiencing 3-4 week lead times.
    • Findlay Vinyl has extended lead times on liners with vinyl overstep. Estimated at 3-6 weeks. This timeframe assumes there are no issues, errors, or missing information on the measurements. If there are errors or missing measurements this will cause a delay.
    • This timeframe assumes that there are no issues with the liner measurements. If there are errors or missing measurements this will cause a delay.
    • DRAWING: 3-5 Business days for drawings to be sent. 
    • INGROUND POOL KITS: After drawings are approved via DocuSign we are at 3-5 weeks on standard pools that do not require custom panels or steps. Non-stock or custom panels/steps are 4-7 weeks. 
  • ABOVE GROUND POOL KITS:  8-12 weeks. Please note, we are working very hard to reduce lead times. It's possible that some orders will ship much faster than this time frame as more manufacturers reopen and begin creating pools again. Please review this article for more details. More updates to come as we have them. We will try to update this information on a weekly basis assuming we have new information. 
  • ABOVE GROUND POOL- LINERS ONLY: Liners are selling out extremely quickly. Please be prepared with alternative choices should your original option become out of stock. If the pattern for your particular pool size, shape, wall height, gauge, and install type is in stock this is considered a Standard None-Pool Kit or Custom Item and is expected to ship within 2-7 business days. If the pattern is out of stock this will cause a delay and we will contact the email address used to place your order for alternative options. 
    • Lomart and Embassy Liners are currently being made to order and as such are experiencing timeframes of 4-8 weeks to be fulfilled. More information here. 


During Fall and Winter, we traditionally process all orders within 1 business day after you place your order.

Spring and Summer are considered peak season and processing times traditionally take between 1-2 business days under normal conditions. Due to COVID 19 operational impact, it is currently taking up to 4 weeks for orders to process depending on the complexity of the order. 

We make every effort to get your order processed as quickly as possible. However, there can be a couple of factors that could delay this. Such as:

  1. A pending payment. 
  2. If you place your order over the phone with one of our Royal Team Members you will receive an email requesting that you review and confirm the order. in this case, we will not begin processing your order until it is confirmed. 
  3. If your order requires measurements such as a replacement liner or a custom pool cover, we will not begin processing your order until your measurements are submitted.  You can submit measurements to support@royalswimmingpools.com. Please reference your order number when submitting your measurements. 
  4. If you order an inground swimming pool kit we will create a Dig Spec for your order which will have to be reviewed and approved by you prior to processing your order. You do not have to request a Dig Spec, we make these for every inground order. Please be on the lookout for an email via DocUSign. We will send this as soon as your Dig Spec is read. Depending on the season, it could take between 1-3 business days after we receive payment for you to receive this email. For more information on how to approve your Dig Spec click here. Or review this article to learn how to read your dig spec so you know exactly what you are approving. 
  5. As manufacturers continue to be closed down due to their local government regulations surrounding COVID-19, many items (especially Above Ground Pools and Liners) are becoming out of stock even after orders complete processing. This is due to new items not being made or restocked because the manufacturers are closed. If your items include something that has become out of stock we will reach out to the email on file to let you know what your options are. If you are interested in an above ground pool we also recommend this article: How to Tell if an Above Ground Pool is a Risk for being Out of Stock.  

COVID-19 Impact: 

We are processing orders as quickly as possible by bringing on additional staffing and allowing for overtime to help meet the high demand of incoming orders. Even with those efforts, our processing times for orders can be upwards of 3-6 weeks at this time.

Any of the situations above can cause additional delays as well as if you ordered an item that has since become out of stock as we're seeing with many Above Ground pools and liners since many manufacturers who create these items have been shut down due to government regulations surrounding COVID-19 in their local areas. 

If you order an item that becomes out of stock, our team will reach out to you via the email address on your order to provide possible solutions. 

We thank you for your patience as we continue to move as quickly as possible in order to serve you. 


During Fall and Winter, it can take 1-2 business days after your order is processed for your item(s) to be packaged and shipped for standard orders.

Peak Spring/Summer season can see longer fulfillment times closer to 3-7 business days. 

Pool kits and custom items take longer to perfect as we want everything to be just right for you. For example, if your inground pool kit requires custom steps, your order will take approximately 10-17 business days during peak season to process and fulfill properly as we make sure everything is exactly lined up for your custom pool.

We make every effort to get your order out as quickly as possible. However, there can be a couple of factors that could delay an order. Such as:

  1. If you have a custom made-to-order item this can increase the time it takes to send your order out as specific items will be being created just for you!
  2. If your item becomes back-ordered (as notated on your order status), we can either look into switching your item for a similar one, determine the estimated time it will take for the original to come in, or cancel your order until further notice. You would fill out a support ticket letting us know your preference.

COVID-19 Impact:

As manufacturers were forced to close their doors (especially in New York where one of the largest Above Ground Pool and Liner Manufacturers resides) the stock of pools at distribution centers dwindled nation-wide with less availability to add more to their stock until plants reopened (which has not happened yet). Even if the pool you purchased was not directly affected by a closed manufacturer however indirectly, the manufacturers and distribution centers that have been able to remain open have taken the full force of orders for what is usually spread across the nation. The locations that have remained open not only have the extra high influx of orders to fulfill but additional safety precautions to protect their workers can slow the process. This includes less employees permitted within the buildings due to social distancing mandates which means less manpower available to handle the influx of demand.

While everyone currently open in the industry is running overtime to try to meet the national demand of homeowners looking for a way to entertain their children at home or provide a safe stay-cation location versus traveling this year, it has caused a bottleneck effect. There are currently more orders than there is available manpower and in many cases more than there is product as even the manufacturers that are open are running out of material to create products due to closures in their own supply chain. 

For a more thorough breakdown on COVID-19 Operational Impact on the Above Ground Swimming Pool industry please click here. 

We assure you that everything is being done to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We deeply apologize for the delay and hope that you can understand the reasons behind it as the impact of COVID-19 on the pool industry could not have foreseen nor prevented. We are navigating through uncharted waters and understand the inconvenience this is causing to our customers.


When looking ta your order status page, once an item is in fulfillment you should be able to see expected shipping dates. Please note these dates are when the item in that order is expected to ship out to you and is not an expected delivery date.

Once shipping information is available, you receive an email notifying you of the update and your tracking number(s) will be added to your order status. IMPORTANT: Once you receive your order status update email, it can take up to 24-48 hours for your tracking number to activate and show movement within the carriers system. If you have your tracking but it is not showing as active on the carrier's site, they have most likely not picked the shipment up from the distribution center yet. Please allow 1-2 business days for tracking to show progress. 

Many orders such as pool kits will have multiple shipments. You will receive an update every time new tracking numbers are made available. You can click on a tracking number from your order status page and you will be redirected to that shipments designated carrier's website. You can then use your tracking/PRO number to follow updates on your shipment. You can also use the information on the carrier's website to schedule your delivery appointment. 

COVID-19 Impact:

Carriers are implementing new safety procedures while they continue to operate with the focus on the critical items needed for Medical Professionals, First Responders, and to support Essential Retailers in maintaining their inventory.

Each carrier has it's own COVID-19 specific communication to customers. Once you receive tracking, you'll know who your carrier is by clicking the tracking number. 

If your estimated shipping date showing on your order status page has passed, we are actively seeking updates on those shipments in order to provide a more accurate timeframe. Please note that estimated ship dates on your status page are true estimates and not guaranteed ship dates as manufacturers and distribution centers are being greatly affected by COVID-19 operational impact across the industry. Updates to these timeframes are provided by the distribution centers and manufacturers fulfilling the order. As soon as we are provided an updated estimated shipping date we immediately update your order status page. We are requesting updates daily for any past due orders. Unfortunately, we do not usually receive updates as quickly as most manpower is currently being used to actually fulfill orders versus replying to our daily inquiries.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Your order is important to us as is the timeliness of it's shipping. The industry as a whole is working extremely hard to help reduce the impact customers are experiencing and we thank you for your patience. 


Large items like pool kits, spas, liners etc. are too large to be shipped through UPS, FedEx or the USPS. These items will be shipped via freight carrier.

Please be aware that it is normal for orders, especially pool kits, to arrive in multiple shipments. Part of the reason we are able to offer the lower prices we do is that we source our products from multiple vendors in order to get the best rates and pass the saving to our customers. This means that you may receive some shipments for your order sooner than others.

Once your item leaves a warehouse, transit time can vary depending on your location but will generally take 4-8 business days to most states.(AZ,CA,ID,MT,ND,NM,NV,OK,OR,SD,UT,WA,WI,WY will usually take 7-12 business days). Business Days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

If you have a tracking number and it is not showing as working or activated in the carrier's system, the carrier has most likely not yet picked the shipment up from the distribution warehouse. Please allow 24-48 hours once you receive tracking for the numbers to activate in the carrier's systems. 

We recommend reaching out to the carrier to set your delivery appointment shortly after receiving your tracking information; within a couple of days is fine. This will help ensure that you receive the most convenient delivery time available that is provided by that carrier. 

To ensure the smoothest freight delivery possible, please review our Delivery Policy thoroughly ahead of time as receiving items via freight is a bit different than receiving traditional shipments.


For a more thorough breakdown on COVID-19 Operational Impact on the Above Ground Swimming Pool industry please click here. 


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