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How to Install your Above Ground Pool's using Patio Blocks

For added support, each Bottom Plate will have a patio block centered in the ground under it. Once the rim of your pool is in position, you can now tell where each of the 12”x 12”x 1” patio blocks need to go.

How to Install your Above Ground Pool's using Patio Blocks

Begin centering the Bottom Plates on patio blocks. The patio block must be placed in the ground under each Bottom Plate. Dig out the area for the block (1” deep if the block is 1” thick) and place each block in the sunken hole so the plate and rails are still laying level with the ground. See the illustration below.

Step 5 - 2

PRO TIP: Make sure that the top of the block is the only part of the block that can be seen and that it is flush with the top of the ground. Level the block in all directions (side to side as well as front to back). Repeat this step around the frame making the tops of all blocks level with the ground.

How to Install your Above Ground Pool's using Patio Blocks

Step 5 - 4


  • Do not install blocks or rails on loose sifted soil or sand.
  • There must be no space between the ground and the bottom of the rails.
  • All patio blocks must be flush with the ground, solid and level with each other in all directions.


You may remove a bottom rail at this time to cart sifted soil for the cove and sand for the base (step 10) as long as the rest of your pool’s ring remains staked in position. Make sure you replace the bottom rail in its proper position and remeasure for an accurate radius. Remove all stakes.



Step 5 - 2PRO TIP: A chalk outline of the Bottom Plates on the patio block is an easy and temporary way to ensure that your track does not move throughout the remainder of the installation. 


If you are installing a main drain, refer to those instructions BEFORE continuing.


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